Regular Activities

Jeddah Free Medical Camps

The first free medical camp was organized in June 2006. Council General of Pakistan Mr. Massod Akhter inaugurated the camp. Dr. Farooq Ahmed Farooqi was (owner of Mushrifah Medical center, Jeddah) also present at the occasion, he provided logistic support for the first free medical camp. The patients were seen by Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman, Dr. Mohammad Rafique, Dr. Amjad Obaid, Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, and Dr. Nilofar.
The camp is held at the premises of Pakistan consulate Jeddah.
FIRST step for a patient to get medical help is to get him/her self-registered at our registration desk, a registration card (with a unique numbers) is issued. A prescription form is also issued. This prescription form has all the medication and dosage printed. The consulting doctors just have to tick the appropriate medicine.
No special requirement for registration & is Free of Charge. Identity document may be asked for identification purpose. All the records are kept in both form i.e. in computer memory & as an ordinary paper file. Separate arrangement for the male & the female patients. Registration was done by Mr. Hassan & his team. Volunteer services were organized by Mr. Khalil Janjua & his team
After the process of registration, a daily number is issued for the new & returning patients.
For already registered patients, their previous medical record is retrieved & then the daily number is attached to the previous medical record.
The patient is asked to be seated to wait for their own turn- to be seen by the doctors.
The prescription is written after a thorough history & physical examination. Usually the medicine available in the drug stock is prescribed to the patients. The list of drugs available is printed out so that only the available drugs are registration form as mentioned earlier. For investigations not available at our camp, patient is referred to other laboratory (PWS is not affiliated with any laboratory)

Dr. Rehan

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

Dr. Khalil

Dr. M Amjad Obaid

Dr. M Ayaz Khan

Dr. M Rafique

The Laboratory services were managed by Dr. Jamil & Shahid Minhas. The tests done at the site is Blood glucose analysis.
Pharmacy was managed by Dr. Atif, Sheikh Khaliq & Mohammad Arshad. Available drugs are dispensed Free of charge. Year 2010 we have introduced a long treatment card to facilitate drug dispensing for patient undergoing a prolonged treatment. Sample is presented here. Till Feb 2012 total of SR 257,000 approximately have been spend upon Medicine, while last year SR 80,000 approx.
On the 2nd anniversary in June, 2007, PWS managed to arrange a portable Ultrasound & echo machine. Now this facility is available not only to the patient coming to the free medical camp but also patients referred from other hospital primarily for the patients those who cannot afford.
Free eye clinic started at the 3 anniversary of free medical camp. The clinic will be managed by Dr. Rehan Azim. The clinic is equipped with Slit lamp & other basic eye examination equipment. We a privileged to have Dr. Zia ul Haq in our Eye clinic.

Free medical camp at Taif

February 2008 First Free medical camp was inaugurated by Council general of Pakistan consulate Jeddah Mr. Zaigham ud Din Azam. In his address applauded PWS efforts to expand the free medical camp services to other region of Western province of Saudi Arabia.

Opening address: Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman- highlighted the aim & objectives of PWS and history of first ever free medical camp, organized for Pakistani community by PWS
The camp was in collaboration with the doctors living & working in Taif along with the doctors from Pakistan Welfare society, Jeddah.
Camp was held in the Pakistan international school, subsequently will be on monthly basis
The service provided were medical consultation & free drug dispensing
Doctors delivering services: Dr. Khalil, Dr. Amjad, Dr. Pervaiz (Taif), Dr. Tariq Malik (Taif), Dr. Aftab  ( Taif) & Mrs. Dr. Tariq & Aftab, Mr. Shahid Minhas (Lab services), Mr. Mohammad Arshad (Pharmacy).
Prominent member of Taif community who supported the camp & were present. namely Mr. Raja Raiz, Mr. Raja Kamal, Mr. Qazi Khalid, Mr. Shahid Butt, Mr. Qaisar Khan, Dr. Joya,
Approximately 500 patients benefited from the camp.
After absence for some times, free medical camp was arranged in Pakistan International School, Taif on Thursday June 23, 2011 from 4 to 6.30 pm. The camp was arrange with collaboration of management of Pakistan International School Taif and Pakistan Welfare Society Jeddah. Specialist doctors both from taif and Jeddah examined the patients and free medicine were given to patients. Welfare attached of Pakistan Consulate Jeddah Mr. Nasrullah Watoo and chairman of school board Dr. Waheed were also present on the occasion beside other members of school board and prominent community figures. It was decided that now onward on regular basis free camp will be arranged. Dr. Khalil, Dr. Pervaiz, Dr. Shakeel, Dr. Khalid and Dr. Tariq attended the clinic.
Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman president of PWS thanked school management, especially Mr. Qaisar Khan, the vice principle of school, for arrangement of free medical camp

Free medical camp at Makkah

On the occasion of the Independence Day First Free medical camp was held at the Pakistan House in Makkah- 14 August 2008.
Subsequently will be on monthly basis. Mr. Zaigham ud Din Azam inaugurated the camp. The ceremony was small, simple but a graceful program was conducted by Dr. Amjad Obaid. Vice president of PWS Mr. Sharif Zaman & other members of PWS were also present at the occasion. A prominent Pakistani- Saudi Dr. Sheer Ali owner of Um ul Qura Hospital was also present.  After recitation from holy Quran, council of Pakistan in his address appreciated the tireless effort of Pakistan Welfare society & all possible support in this regard was promised.
Doctors providing services in the first camp were Dr. Amjad Obaid, Dr. Sarmad Salim, Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman, Dr. Tariq, Dr. Jamil, and Dr. Asma Mustafa.

Medical Hotlines

On the occasion of 6th Anniversary Free Medical camp (Friday June 8, 2012), the supreme council of Pakistan Welfare society unanimously agreed to start a MEDICAL HOTLINE. The Ideas was floated by Dr. Amjad Obaid, general secretary Pakistan Welfare society.
Writing a prescription for patients is usually no enough. Many queries arise in patient’s mind which need to be answered. Often many questions arise in patient mind when he reaches home. Many questions arise as the time passes especially in cases of a long standing illness e.g. diabetes and hypertension. In addition, many misconceptions regarding many disease have to be addressed to. During the consultation in physician office, often there is not enough time to answer all questions. These questions and queries may not only be related to the disease but also have financial, family and social implications. Taking medications at the proper time and in proper way is important as a right medication taken the wrong way and in the wrong dose is not going have the desired effect is also going to give rise to disappointment in patient mind, in addition patient will lose confidence in the physician.
Keeping an open line of communication between physician and the patient can help resolve many of the above mentioned issue. Establishing a medical hotline will help resolve many issue.
Two mobile telephone lines have been made available, one for men and another for the ladies.
Hotline for Men:            +966 531 131 429
Hotline for Ladies:         +966 531 131 430
  • A lady doctor will be available on the hotline for ladies and a male doctor on the men’s hotline.
  • Female doctors will only answer to questions from women, while male doctors to men.
  • The line will be open from Asr to Maghreb time, including Thursdays & Fridays.
  • Calling back facility is will not be provided, at least initially.
For questions pertaining to specialties, a group of doctors have agreed to answer to question online.